Hot Wheels Ferrari F40

Hot Wheels 2007 Ferrari Racer 23/24 | Ferrari F40   Ferrari F40 was the last Ferrari car Enzo approved. It celebrated its 30th anniversary last July 21, 2017. After 30 years, it's still celebrated as one of the best car Ferrari ever built. This die-cast model of the F40 is one unique model. This model… Continue reading Hot Wheels Ferrari F40


Hot Wheels Tesla Roadster

Hot Wheels 2010 Speed Machines | Tesla Roadster   Tesla's first electric car. And it's a roadster! This one is a cool diecast model. With those como wheels, it looks better. Plus clear plastic for headlamps and painted tail lights (no image available yet) makes it stand out than the other hot wheels models.  

Hot Wheels 2010 Ford Mustang GT

Hot Wheels 2009 New Models Series # 41/42 | 2010 Ford Mustang GT Another great model from Hot Wheels! Proportion wise, i prefer the realistic side of Hot Wheels. There's something about purchasing a die-cast model that's proportionally correct. I simply like it that way. Plus the simple blue paint job and chrome wheels, and… Continue reading Hot Wheels 2010 Ford Mustang GT

Hot Wheels Aston Martin V8 Vantage

Hot Wheels 2008 All Stars Series # 10/36 | Aston Martin V8 Vantage This scale model by hot wheels is a great replica! The details are just simply amazing. Plus its realistic looks (hot wheels is also known for creating variations like tooned versions, and altering the body proportion) make it an attracting model to… Continue reading Hot Wheels Aston Martin V8 Vantage